HBCU National Signing Day 2017

National Signing Day at an HBCU

Historically Black Colleges and Universities have been around for many decades now. The need for having many more of such institutions of learning keep becoming more visible by the day. This is due to the benefits that come with having such colleges and universities in America. This includes the flexibility offered and the level of equality provided to students and faculty regardless of race or nationality. Historically black colleges and universities have a track record of providing scholarships for individuals of different religious or cultural backgrounds, although the initial goal is to ensure the proper education of the black American population, these institutions have grown into highly-respected and internationally recognized institutions.

Just Like Home

HBCUs also have a great history of producing professional athletes in America, and a good number of athletes have some form of affiliation to a HBCU or the other. When it comes to the national signing day 2017, there are lots of things that are worth mentioning. Institutions such as Norfolk State or NSU and Virginia Union or VUU have definitely created what is considered to be a home-like atmosphere, which is aimed at welcoming the incoming recruits. This kind of arrangement goes a long way in creating lots of excitement amongst the recruits.

Super Bowl Appearances

It is also safe to say that a good number of athletes had only little knowledge about these institutions prior to their recruitment. As mentioned earlier, HBCUs are generally known for giving the country some of the finest athletes out there.HBCU National Signing Day 2017 Graduates from HBCUs, Deji Olatoye, and Eric Weems represented black college football in this year’s NFL Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 5 at NRG Stadium in Houston. This is a somewhat huge development since some individuals are of the opinion that graduates from HBCUs don’t have much to offer.


National signing day marked the first day of the cyclical process resulting in the growth of college football programs. Members of the 2017 recruiting classes signed their national letters of intent and, legally, became college football student-athletes. In line with the HBCU national signing day 2017, Howard University released its 2017 football schedule. It is worth mentioning that the institution will kick off the season in a game against the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

The Best Athletes

This is seen as a joint effort between the two institutions, aimed at commemorating the 150th anniversary of Howard University. As far as the HBCU national signing day 2017 goes, it is safe to say that while some athletes ended their recruiting processes with last-minute decisions, basically others closed their respective chapters after being committed for weeks, even months. The end results were the same for college coaches across the country. Which simply means that there was joy and celebration in some offices, and of course disappointment in other offices. HBCUs will continue to produce the best athletes in the country, with the national signing day 2017, the future is even brighter.

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