The HBCU Experience

Historically Black Colleges and Universities offer an experience like none other. Just entering into one of the hallowed halls of studying this movement, grants access to the next generation of revolutionaries. Black students are allowed to experience an utopia that cannot be found away from these campuses. The HBCU Experience has been around for over 150 years. The image of black students upholding success is one of the things they witness. I ask this question where in America can you find such an extreme ratio of black people studying to obtain knowledge? Only on the campuses of HBCU’s can you see so many black people broadening their horizon of knowledge. HBCUs have a long and vast lineage of creating many contributions to the racial diversity of post collegiate professions such as law, politics, business and medicine.

HBCU Experience

According to an U.S. Commission On Civil Rights report, “HBCUs are credited with creating  the American black middle class. The report states that HBCU’s have produced 40% of African-American members of Congress, 40% of engineers, 50% professors at PWIs, 50% lawyers, and 80% of judges. HBCU alums have impacted all industries: Wall Street, on campuses like Harvard Business School, Google, Apple — and even on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 lists. HBCU’s are creating the future of kings and queens through education, and unity.

We work together

The tight knit atmosphere makes everyone feel like family. One of the unique things that sets HBCU’s a part is the unity. When one student on campus is offended by a prejudice,  they rally together to make a change. These acts of unity aid in the development of social activist. Ground breaking experiences make black colleges have an impact cannot be replaced. HBCU’s encourage that these matters are fought together so that HBCUs will continue to place an imprint on civil rights.

Building for tomorrow

We still face many barriers that make it more difficult for young leaders to have fair chances at success. Experiences that are attained at HBCU’s we are gearing up our people by educating and uniting.

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