VIDEO: Andrew’s Foster Testimony on His Road to Recovery

In the early morning of October 12th, 2016, as he was waiting on the sidewalk from car trouble,  Andrew “Drew” Foster, an Alpha, soldier, former Alabama A&M University SGA President, and HBCU graduate, was ran over by a driver who was both under the influence of alcohol and texting while driving. Among the several injuries sustained from this tragic accident was subdural hematoma, severe brain bleeding, which nearly ended his life. As a result of the emergency, he was forced to undergo brain surgery.

Andrew spent the next 6 months without the right half of his skull. Despite what doctors were calling a miracle, Andrew has made an outstanding recovery and has now used his story to spread awareness on the dangers of driving distracted and impaired in speaking engagements across various high schools and universities. His testimony is one of perseverance as he reminds us to always push forward despite the obstacles life throws our way.

Check out Drew’s video and learn more about his journey and message to drivers who operate a vehicle under the influence and while texting.

Learn more about Andrew:

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Facebook: Drew Foster

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